Psychotherapy in English

near Brno

The purpose of psychotherapy is to set people free.
                                                                                                         Rollo May

Anyone sometimes struggles or does not feel good and crave to change things in life. I can offer to be there for you through the process, support, and root for you. We can find your unique way to feel more free and content in your life or whatever you want to feel or wherever you need to be. 

Psychotherapy is usually a long-term process. The therapist helps clients to find understanding about their feeling, behavior, situation, and relationships in everyday life. Therapy usually brings relief and new insight into the situation.  

My psychoterapheutical work is based on gestalt, mindfulness, and dialogical approaches. You will find more about me below. 

Consultation posibilities

Online via Zoom, WhatsApp, Skype, ... 
In person in Jamné 45, Tišnov 


To arrange a meeting write me a email to or call me/text me to +420 724 368 307 

About me

I am a psychotherapist and psychologist. I believe we can always grow and some change is always possible. I was trained in gestalt psychotherapy, mindfulness-based psychotherapy (satitherapy), and dialogical approaches. I am also used to working in crises intervention settings. I worked for eight years in an outpatient program for clients struggling with addictions. You can find more about my qualification and experiences here.

I love stories - books, movies, comics, and other art. I flourish in nature hiking, swimming, and just simply being.  


Individual psychotherapy in English (50 min)                         1200Kč
Couple therapy in English (80 min)                                              1800Kč